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The Dragon is the first aircraft of the APEV with a wooden fuselage. The Dragon is a single-seater biplane. The top wing has a variable pitch (+2°, -4°), which does not require ailerons for roll control. This rotating wing system has already be satisfactory on the Cubchel, Scoutchel and Demoichelle.

The building of the Dragon is doable by an amateur builder and it does not require any specific tooling (drill, clamps, riveting clip, iron...). The manufacturing of the wood fuselage is slightly longer than the usual metallic fuselage of the other APEV's aircraft. As a compensation, the Dragon is comfortable and has good performances.

The wings of the Scoutchel are similar to those of the Pouchel Light and the Demoichelle. They are made using a single aluminium spar (50 x 100 mm), with Stydodur ribs covered with 6/10mm plywood. The leading edge is made of glass fiber and the wings are covered with Dacron 1000 fabric. The fuselage is build with spruce and plywood. The assembly is done with polyurethane glue (reference available).

The assembly of the kit requires around 250 hours of work before the first flight, from the plans you'll need 300 to 500 hours.

The prototype of the two-seater Dragon is currently under construction !




Single-seater 3 axis ultralight powered with a ROTAX 503

Top wing span
Rear wing span
Wing width
Wing profile
NACA 23112
Wing Surface
12 m2
Empty weight
180 kgs
Max weight (MTOW)
300 kgs
Max Speed VNE
120 km/h
Cruise speed
100 km/h
Stall speed
50 km/h
Closeable wings
Luggage chest
Max G-Factor


Plans, partial or complete kit for the APEV members