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The Scoutchel



The Scoutchel is the modern version of the Demoichelle.

Building a Scoutchel is very simple. Accessible to the amateur home builder, it doesn't require particular tools (only a drill, an iron, a rivet clip..)
The assembly of a kit needs around 150 hours of work where building from the plans will require 300 hours of construction.

The wings of the Scoutchel are similar to those of the Pouchel Light and the Demoichelle. They are made using a single aluminium spar (50 x 100 mm), with Stydodur ribs covered with 6/10mm plywood. The leading edge is made of glass fiber and the wings are covered with Dacron 1000 fabric.

The airfoil is the NACA 23112, which is perfect for the rotating wings. Indeed, the Scoutchel doesn't have ailerons. The roll axis manoeuvers are made by differential rotation (+4°, -2°) of the entire wings This system is simple and very pleasant in flight.



Single-seater 3 axis ultralight powered with a ROTAX 377 or 447

Front wing span
Wing width
Wing profile
NACA 23112
Wing Surface
9.96 m2
Aspect ratio
Empty weight
130 kgs
Max weight (MTOW)
250 kgs
Max Speed VNE
120 km/h
Cruise speed
100 km/h
Stall speed
40 km/h
Closeable wings
Luggage chest
Max G-Factor